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Warmer Lab

Portable Bottle Warmer Gift Set

Portable Bottle Warmer Gift Set

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Portable Bottle Warmer Gift Set

Taking a baby for travelling is a big challenge for parents, especially feeding your baby. Warming the bottle on the go is not an easy task which normally is stressful. Luckily, the Warmer Lab's battery-powered portable bottle warmer is the perfect helper to empower and delight parents by providing a hassle-free method to heat your baby's milk while traveling or otherwise on-the-go situation.

With the upgraded temperature control tech, the portable bottle warmer warms your bottle to the temperature precisely, and effectively avoiding the hot spots in the milk and preserving the nutrients.  

In this Warmer Lab Gift Set, with all the accessories, take and go, enjoy the easy and happy life together with your baby!


Temperature display: Fahrenheit (F)/ Celsuis (C) degree
Voltage: 5V===2A&3A
Power: 35W
Battery: 8800MAH
Material: Stainless Steel + ABS (BPA FREE)

What’s included

One Portable Bottle Warmer Pro 2.0

One Storage Bag

Two Charging Cords

One Charging Adapter

Four Bottle Adapters (Adapter A & B & C & D)

One Instruction Manual

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  • Warmer Lab portable bottle warmer

    Various Adapters

    Besides the main device adapter, Warmer Lab's Portable Bottle Warmer 2.0 accompanies 2 adapters (ADAPTER A & B) in the package. With extra purchase of another 2 adapters (ADAPTER C & D), it is compatible with most of the bottles in the market. (Please refer to our FAQ page to find out which adapter fits for your bottles.)

  • Warmer Lab portable bottle warmer

    Slow-heat technology, Battery powered

    With the safe slow-heat technology, your baby's bottle will be ready in 3 – 10 minutes. Perfectly avoid dangerous hot spots in the milk.
    When fully charged, it holds up to 8-12 hours and you can leave the charging cord at home.

  • Warmer Lab portable bottle warmer

    Temperature control technology

    With the upgraded chip in the device, Warmer Lab's Portable Bottle Warmer 2.0 controls the warmed liquid temperature precisely that is with little deviation.
    - Adjustable temperature function to get it just right for your little one.
    - 99F - Breast milk's ideal temperature to preserve nutrients
    - 104F - Made for all other liquids besides breastmilk
    - 113F - Perfect temp for formula milk
    - 122F - Made for higher temp liquid

  • Warmer Lab portable bottle warmer

    Anti-False Touch Protection

    When putting the warmer in your travel bag, it may be easy to have false touch the power button. In such false-touch situation, it leads your bottle warmer to be rapidly defective. To avoid this, with our anti-false touch protection, when detecting powered on with no liquid connecting, the bottle warmer turns off automatically within 5 seconds.

  • Warmer Lab portable bottle warmer

    Leak-Free Design, Fahrenheit Degree Display

    - Unique O-rings to protect leakage.
    - It displays in Fahrenheit degree to make temp easy to read.

  • Warmer Lab portable bottle warmer

    Sleek & Premium Design

    With special shape design, sleek and premium stainless steel material, you can easily carry it in your travel and diaper bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Heather Decker

That bottle warmer is great! It’s so practical and perfect. I use it to keep my soup warm at work and it really works!!! I Highly recommend it

Shelby Jarosz

We have enjoyed using this couple weeks we have had it!! Much better then the other ones we have tried!! Simple quick and easy!!

Easy to use!

This portable bottle warmer is very easy to use, from warming bottles to cleaning up. Comes with multiple adapters that fit other brands than listed (i.e. the Avent adapter fits boon bottles). Charge life is great!


I bought one of these when I first started bottle feeding my baby and loved how small and portable it was but could still heat up many bottles! Then my 2 year old dropped it and it no longer worked properly. Without a second thought I purchased another one. I 100% recommend this to anyone who is on the go and bottle feeds!! 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND!!

Matt Peterman

This bottle warmer is a game changer! I wish I knew about this sooner. My 5 month old will only drink a warm bottle which has made giving bottles on the go hard to please. This bottle warmer makes travel and days on the go so much easier. It’s so easy to use and warms a perfect bottle quickly.