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Warmer Lab

Portable Bottle Warmer Minor Set (Warmer + all adapters)

Portable Bottle Warmer Minor Set (Warmer + all adapters)

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Portable Bottle Warmer Minor Set

Keeping the milk warm, asking for hot waters, being afraid of the inner and outer temperature deviation of the bottle and making a mess do not make a joyful journey with your little one. 

Luckily, with upgraded features, Warmer Lab proudly launches its on the go bottle warmer for your more pleasant parenting. 

In this minor set, with all 4 adapters, no matter you have a plan to replace other bottles for your baby, it will be the perfect set for you to have! 


Temperature display: Fahrenheit (F)/ Celsuis (C) degree
Voltage: 5V===2A&3A
Power: 35W
Battery: 8800MAH
Material: Stainless Steel + ABS (BPA FREE)

What’s included

One Portable Bottle Warmer Pro 2.0

One Storage Bag

One Charging Cord

Four Bottle Adapters (Adapter A & B & C & D)

One Instruction Manual

* Not any charging adapter is included

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