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Ultra-Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

Ultra-Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

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Ultra-Fast Baby Bottle Warmer (with Integrated Cable)

Newborns wake up to eat every 3-4 hours. Crying babies urge to be fed with warmer milk/ formula that makes parenting life in a hassle, even in the midnight. Compared to the traditional way to warm bottles (microwave/ put in mug), Warmer Lab Ultra-Fast Baby Bottle Warmer is a safe and easy way to make mealtime more comfortble for your lovely babies.  

Warming the bottle ultra fast to the desired temperature is of great help for any parents with newborns, and it also features a steady warming mode for keeping baby milk at the desired temperature for constant 24H.


 There are other great features to look forward to:

- [ Less Waiting Time] 

30% faster heat-up time with upgraded core chip, a great helper for baby feeding hassle.

This bottle warmer can heat up cold milk to the exact temperature from 2-5 minutes to your desired temperature. Less waiting time, no crying baby.


- [ 6-in-1 Smart Bottle Warmer] 

Fresh milk heat up/ Cold milk heat up/ Food heating/ Steam Sterilizing/ Thaw/ 24H keeping warm

Besides the fast warming, the Ultra-Fast Baby Bottle Warmer not only can heat up food at the most digestible temp to keep nutrients for baby's stomach, but also can defost milk at anytime.


- [ Fits Most Bottles and Bags] 

Warmer Lab Ultra-Fast Baby Bottle Warmer fits most bottle materials, such as glass, plastic and silicone bottles; it is fit for milk bags warming as well. Heating milk right out of the fridge to get rid of utensil-transferring exposure to lock up nutrients better. 


- [ Sleek, Food-grade Material and Proper Sized] 

Premium and proper sized design means that you do not necessarily need a big space to store. We understand as parents we must have many baby gears, too many stuff may lead to a mess. With our bottle warmer, you can warm bottles safely and can save you much space.

The Ultra-Fast Baby Bottle Warmer is safe and reliable, designed with materials specifically chosen to ensure the utmost safety for babies. Rest assured, our bottle warmer has undergone rigorous testing, meeting the standards of FCC, ROHS, and CE certifications.


- [ 24 Hours Keep Warm] 

Put in the forzen milk and press the MILK button for 24H keep warming, and then you can go to change diapers or take care of other things. Put it in and leave it, free your hands and always ready for you any time.


- [ Easy to Use] 

Compared to other warmers, it does not have so many buttons, but it has multi-function, even setting up your desired time and temperature. Press and good to go.


SKU nr.: S7608
Temperature display: Fahrenheit (F) degree
Voltage: 120V
Power: 200W 60Hz
Battery: no battery but integrated cable
Material: Food-grade PP
Certificate: FCC, ROHS, CE

What’s included

One Ultra-Fast Baby Bottle Warmer with integrated cable

One Measuring Cup

One Warmer Lid

One Instruction Manual


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